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Speedmaster Professional Broad Arrow Moonphase

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Powering the watch is a Swiss ETA 2897 automatic movement that has been modified a bit by Oris. The back of the watch is engraved with the Col Moschin seal, and looks pretty nice. As a limited edition of 1000 pieces, this is certain one of the nicer limited Oris watches for activities purposes this year (aside from the "cultural" limited edition models they have). The rubber strap is a really nice element as well. It is thick at the lugs and tapers in sizes a bit for comfort. The nicely engineers titanium deployment strap hides excess strap on the inside. This is the new way rubber straps are being made by the best brands. Basically you get the clean look of a rubber strap that is cut to size, but here you don't have to cut it, as the strap is still totally adjustable. I say "so long" straps that have to be cut, and "long live" the
hidden excess" style rubber straps. If you don't like the rubber strap or want a metal bracelet, the watch looks like it can accommodate the standard bracelet for other Oris ProDiver watches (that you'd have to get separately of course). Price for the Oris Col Moschin is between 3,000 - 5,000 Swiss Francs. Available soon.

HourTime Show Watch Postcast Episode 22

HourTime Show Watch Postcast Episode 22

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MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Hands-On

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Hands-On

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Diamonds, diamonds every where. The Breitling Chronomat with its in-house made chronograph movement gets the "Diamondworks" treatment for added bling. Perfect for despots all over the world who feel it necessary to have a piece from the 'aviation brand,' but still want something fancy for their loyal subjects to kneel and kiss.

One thing I am not sure about is the price. I might have forgotten to ask, and companies such as this aren't usually the types to volunteer such information without asking. Sometimes I get so into the watch that I forget to make such inquiries. What I can say however, is that if you are not familiar with the brand and own other high-end watches, the price will likely outstand you. Prices for the Vagabondage II watch are ,700 in platinum, limited to 69 pieces, and ,900 in red gold, limited to 68 pieces.

Also in the mix is the now famous IWC Pilot's Watch Classic Double Chronograph Edition Top Gun, with its dyslexic name, but coherent appeal. Really a cool watch (and by the way I was pleased to learn that Robin Williams wears one). I personally love the Aquatimer models. You might be curious about the white dialed version with the orange indicators - that is a special limited edition model available at a particular IWC boutique I believe.

Omega Speedmaster 105.012-66 Racing

With a case in titanium, the Dome is flanked by black or white plates that are very slick looking. The black one is DLC coated titanium with a fascinating finish that looks like meteorite. Never seen anything like that. It glistens beautifully, and represents one of the most sophisticated DLC applications around. Each particular watch is said to have a slightly different look to it. The white model is also amazing. While not DLC, it has a 5 layer white coating that looks as pure as white enamel. Only here the multi-layer look glistens a bit and is called "pearl" to its shine and deep luster. Crystal is sapphire, and I believe there is more sapphire in the multi-layer dial, though I am not sure. Citizen calls the dial "mirror silver" in tone. Even will all that is going on, the large high-contrast hands and hour indicators make the Eco-Drive Dome easy to read. There is gonna be one of those "oohh... look at THAT watch," timepieces in Japan. I am sure a few of them will reach our shores as well. I would totally wear one of these beauties. Price is up there, at close to ,900 for each of the 500 pieces in this limited edition collection. Good to see more interesting stuff like this from Citizen and not sure Seiko.

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Omega Speedmaster '57 - Three Different Versions From 1957 to 2013

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention your favorite watch complication(s) (functions/technical features) aside from merely telling the time.

It has been a few months since I was in Japan visiting with Seiko. Shortly thereafter I wrote about the Spring Drive versions of their newish and impressive Seiko Ananta line of watches. If you recall, Ananta is Seiko's first line of high-end watches for the world market. The watches totally changed my perception of the brand, and I think if you check them out they will change the way you look at Seiko as well. The Spring Drive watches aren't cheap. While they are a great value for the money, the Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph watch can still get up to the ,000 - ,000 range. This is a larger amount of money than many people are able to spend on a watch - an important point as Seiko is such a globally "worn" brand. In addition to the Spring Drive movement based watches, the Ananta line comes in three different automatic mechanical movement forms. If you don't know the difference between a Seiko Spring drive and normal automatic movement, I suggest you check out the article above, or search for "Spring Drive" on No time to get into that now. Going back to these three "other" Ananta watches, there is the Automatic Chronograph, Double Retrograde Automatic, and the Multi-hand Automatic. Each model has a lot of appeal, and the collection has prices well below the higher-end Spring Drive models.

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Strap & Buckle:
Black hand-stitched alligator with 18K white gold & titanium custom designed deployment buckle

Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

The steel case here is two tone with a black segment for the bezel structure and the moving, hinged lugs that allow the watch to be more comfortable. The strap isn't rubber, but silicone actually, and nice in red. Though silicone does have the tendency to get dirty (but they can be washed with soap and water). The watch after all is water resistant enough to be washed. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA quartz chronograph movement. The crystal over the dial is sapphire.

Is MKII just another homage watch maker? No. In addition to Bill Yao having a great eye and passion for detail, he does a lot of things uniquely. The look and feel of his watches is very impressive, and he loves what he does. Parts are done well, and the timepieces even carry surprisingly fair prices.

Chronological Time

Adjustment Omegametric for chronometer-worthy precision

-Satin and polished finish

Tritium gas tubes are pretty much always welcomed by me. The little gas tubes with a safe amount of radiation naturally glow without the need to be charged by light. The half-life of the compound inside the tubes will glow for about 20-25 years before eventually fading out. If you still are wearing the watch that long, can probably just get the tubes replaced. Christopher Ward uses mostly blue colored tubes in the watch that mimic the now common use of blue SuperLumiNova in high-end diver watches (for example as currently used by Rolex). Green is actually a bit better for reading, but people are sick of green lume, so blue helps mix it up a bit. The inner sections of the hands do glow green though. There is a dot of green luminant on the rotating bezel as well. Reading the watch in the dark is easy. While the indicator and hands look thin in the dark, there should be no trouble reading the time - and they look pretty nice as well. It is also nice how the C600 still has a tube near the date indicator window, as many other watches basically skip this spot for lume as it is taken up by the date.

Trip To New York To Fetch Two Speedmaster Watches

Roger Dubuis Kingsqaure Column Wheel Chronograph Watch & Friends Watch Releases

Seiko Spring Drive SNR005 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The second time zone function is really easy to use. The pushers above and below the crown moves the red "T" tipped hand east or west to reference cities. This changes the time in the retrograde GMT subdial to reflect the right hour, and you use the main minute hand on the dial for the minutes. The retrograde hand and dial are actually easy to see don't blend in with the dial. The problem is that the hours are spaced too closely together. This means that you need to spend a second inspecting the exact hour that the GMT hand is pointing to. Though changing time zones is really easy, and you can quickly see the times around the world. The watch also features a W/S indicators that tells you whether it is summer or winter in the specified timezone. This can help you judge whether daylight saving times applies. You can manually adjust the W/S indicator via a small pusher inset in the case.