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The point of the Dottling Gyrowinder is to create movement sufficient to wind the rotor in the automatic watch. This unique system moves it in a 360 degree space, which they claim comes very close to simulating what it is like to actually wear the watch. Now, your timepiece simply won't know whether you are even wearing it or not - the things they think of these days. They need to sell these at a store which someone needs to create called "The Pampered Watch."

Both hours and minutes are shown on retrograde scales. There is something very Urwerk-feeling about the design, and reading the time is impressively interesting without being illegible. That is a tough thing to achieve because we've found that most "experimental" ways of telling the time simply sacrifice convenience. The dial also has a unique power reserve indicator which takes the form of an exposed spring! The spring gets more tightly wound when the power reserve is full, and unwinds as it runs out. The manually wound movement has a full eight days of power reserve when the movement is fully wound.

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Ulysse Nardin has recently produced a beautiful corporate movie displaying the people and methods behind the production of watches at their facilities in Switzerland. We've broken down those movies into several parts which will be posted weekly for you to watch. Please enjoy part 3 of the series on how Ulysse Nardin makes watches.

George Daniels is regarded as one of the most important watchmakers in history and the greatest watchmaker of recent times. Recently, we had the privilege to visit the workshop of Roger Smith, who used to worked closely with Daniels. And it was there that we got the chance to have a first-hand look and feel of the George Daniel Co-Axial chronograph watch. Created in 1991, to demonstrate the viability of the co-axial escapement, the watch was entirely handmade by Daniels himself. This piece is one-of-a-kind and recently went under the hammer for £385,250.

When I asked Roger about his relationship with George Daniels, he described it as a guarded one. It was not to say that they were not close but there was always a distance between them that was, I suppose, governed by the serious nature of the work they were doing together. George Daniels came across to me, as the epitome of individual will personified. The watch-making principles he espoused were so thoroughly ingrained through a lifetime of achievement that it was only natural that this strength of will was absorbed by Roger so thoroughly as well.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Perpetual Watch Hands-on Exclusive Hands-On

Oh, and if you're interested in this sort of thing, you may notice this watch showing up on the big screen this summer - it's what Channing Tatum's character is wearing in White House Down (and the image above). Price for the Bulova Hack watch is

I am very much a “watch guy.”  If you’re reading aBlogtoWatch, then chances are high that you’d consider yourself to be a member of the same club.  But it’s worth noting that within our niche group of horologically inclined individuals, there are several sub-categories of watch enthusiasts.

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Much like our Editor-in-Chief Ariel, I’m a fan of the recently “revived” Baume & Mercier Capeland collection. The new Capeland models are clearly vintage inspired, and are really attractive. We recently reviewed the Capeland ref. 10068 which has a two chronograph registers and is powered by a Swiss Ja Loux-Perret caliber 8147-2. Movement aside, the highlight of this watch must be its snailed telemeter scale on the dial and the warm feeling the watch gives.


The Seiko Ananta Limited Edition Kumadori Chronograph will be limited to 800 pieces and be offered globally at a price of 4,000 Euros. There is also this other model which apparently is Japan market only (update, this other model will be available in the US as well and is known as the ref. SSD001). Note that in the US the "Brightz" name is not used. This retro 70s style chronograph also uses urushi on the dial and is the Seiko Ananta Brightz Limited Edition 2012 Chronograph (ref. SAEH011). Also limited to 800 pieces, it uses the Seiko caliber 6S28 automatic chronograph movement. This is similar to the 8R28 but with a different layout. The movement has horizontal clutch (swing pinion) and column wheel for the chronograph. On this model the dial is urushi, but I have a feeling the hands are painted red in a different manner. Though the watch still looks really cool. The squared chronograph subdials are fun looking as the dial still retains a very high level of legibility. I believe that the Brightz's price is a bit below that of the Kumadori. I have to say that both 2012 limited edition urushi painted dials are good looking pieces and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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From a features perspective, the Satellite Wave-Air has the time, perpetual calendar information, and a world time function. That of course is in addition to the features that allow you to connect with GPS satellites. You also have the ability to check the battery charge level. Default calendar information on the dial includes the date and day of the week. You also have a 24 hour AM/PM indicator. The periphery of the dial contains city codes for the world time features.

The Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 therefore, has retained the vintage vibe meant to highlight the design sensibilities that Jack Heuer himself pioneered. Almost everyone who I know who has seen this watch often remarks on how beautiful it is, and I am without exception. This is the modern retro chronograph to own, especially on the included calfskin strap with the red backing. I especially like the red chronograph seconds hand, that adds a sense of vitality and purpose to the fairly restrained bicompax chronograph dial in anthracite.


IWC Portofino watches

Unlike the more decorated look of the Spacemaster, the Black has a slightly textured matte black dial which reminisces the Engineer II DLC watch from several years ago. That former watch also had Arabic numerals made out of tritium gas tubes as well as some yellow on the dial. The Engineer Hydrocarbon Black mixes Arabic numerals with baton hour indicators, each in tritium - the hallmark illumination feature on all Ball timepieces. I further always appreciate it when Ball uses those wider fat tubes rather than the perfectly cylindrical ones.

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The limited edition of 88 pieces gold Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor watch is around 350,000 Swiss Francs, while the silicon version is about 1 million Swiss Francs. Crazy yes, but for a brand whose top seller in places such as the US is a double tourbillon with a skeletonized movement at a price over 0,000, creating something even more exclusive is simply what one does. Really an interesting concept in perfectly working and saleable order, as well as a top choice timepiece that you'll never likely even get to touch.

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This year, for 2013, the teams are racing 72-foot carbon fiber catamarans called "AC72"s, on hydrofoils, with rigid wings larger than those on a Boeing 747. The AC72 ships are utterly amazing, unlike anything you've seen sailing. The sails and the rigging are all rigid, and once up on the foils, they can get up to 50 MPH!

TAG Heuer, New Aquaracers, A Smartwatch, Team Oracle, And The America's Cup In San Francisco Watch Releases
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This latest episode of HourTime was recorded as a series of interviews and conversations that occurred while at the aBlogtoWatch event with Girard-Perregaux in New York City. You'll hear from John, Ariel, and fellow readers. Ariel also interviews Girard Perregaux CEO Michele Sofisti.

We choose a few questions each week and publish them. Want to ask the aBlogtoWatch team a question? We want to hear from you »

Ateliers DeMonaco Tourbillon Carre And Ronde Watches Hands-On

Ateliers DeMonaco Tourbillon Carre And Ronde Watches Hands-On


Inside the Oktopus II Double Date is an exclusive automatic movement produced by Dubois-Depraz for Linde Werdelin. They call it the caliber 14580 automatic, and it has about two days of power reserve and runs at 28,800 vph. The Linde Werdelin Oktopus II is at its very heart a capable albeit unique boutique dive watch with real soul. If you fancy cool stuff that no one else has, then you'll love it. Limited to 88 pieces as the Titanium Yellow model - other colors and materials in the Oktopus II collection exist. As seen, it is priced at 9,500 Swiss Francs.

While De Bethune watches have an opening price of around ,000, this is not one of those pieces. While not the absolute most complex and expensive piece they've made, this is very much toward the top of their range. Unlike the DB28 with its wild spaceship style case design. The DB16 has the brand's original, more classic yet unique case which here is 43mm wide in 18k rose gold. You see a bit of that spacey design in the lugs, which on the wrist look cool. Much of this timepiece (and brand) seems to be fantasy spaceship inspired.

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Longio Zhuke Bronze Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Breitling will be making 1000 units of the Chronomat 44 Frecce Tricolori, and it may be the Chronomat 44 version to have. Not only does the Tricolori sport a handsome brushed finish case, but Breitling has also opted to remove the square design that sits center-dial on other Chronomat versions. I've never liked that square design and I think the Tricolori special edition is improved in its absence.

Purely and simply, his aim is to produce watches in the English style and create modern interpretations of the reliable and strong watches that were the defining characteristics of English watchmaking at its peak.

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