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Technical specifications from Gronefeld:

Seiko Ananta Automatic Watches Watch Releases Seiko Ananta Automatic Watches Watch Releases

Longio Tourbillon Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

The American Tourbillon: RGM Pennsylvania Calibre MM 2 Watch Releases

Technical specs from Maurice Lacroix:

See Bell & Ross 123 and 126 watches on eBay here.Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Watch On A Boat

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Watch On A Boat

While the case of the 7047 watch is classic Breguet in style with a coined edge on the side and traditional style lugs - that all seems to change on the dial. Save for the actual watch face, we have a lot of modern looks and materials. Even the extra-large tourbillon bridge is done in titanium. The popular metal is finding places in all parts of the watch world, but right here for Breguet? In a platinum watch? I just ask why? One interpretation is that the watch is a statement about Breguet in the modern era. In addition to titanium, you have the high-tech silicon balance spring. The face has this traditional looking small and off centered watch face with the classic case. However, while everything looks all turn of the century, you have this modern looking movement. Like a watch cyborg on the inside if there was such a thing. Though this modern look seems oddly contrasted with the complications of a tourbillon and fusee and chain transmission that are highlight of complications of the old world.

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Frequency 4 Hz — 28,800 vibrations/hour

AP takes a cool, minimalist approach to its diver with just the essentials of time, date and a bezel to keep track of your dive time. They are quite capable of wowing us with complications but while you’re fish gazing and marveling at the wild plant forms swaying below, you don’t have a lot of need for those fancy extras. AP made the right choice in keeping this dive watch simple and functional.

The SM2 automatic movement took Speake-Marin a few years to complete and will find its way into other watches - including most of the Piccadilly case timepieces. The movement is totally unique, and highly decorated - including the pieces you don't even seen. Speake-Marin spares no expense, and cuts no corners time-wise when making and finishing the SM2 movement (with a price to match of course). The SM2 beats at 21,600 v/h (vibrations per hour) and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The plates and bridges are in German silver, and it has an Incabloc shock protection system. For now, the automatic movement indicates the seconds, minutes, and hours - but I can see Speake-Marin building on to the movement in the future to add more complications. Often times the development of an in-house calibre is done to leave room for modules (for other complications) to be built on the movement, etc...

Welcome to new dive watch brand RedSea. Another Fan-diver brand. Meaning a couple of people who love watches - dive watches - decided they wanted a diver in "their image." So Red Sea was born, and if your tastes are similar to theirs, have they got a watch for you. There are two models, but they are basically the same watch with two dials. The Six Pounder is easily the most avant garde of the two. With its BRM watch style hands - you have an interesting use of borrowed aesthetic for a dive watch. The rear of the watches have a pirate style skull and crossed swords engraving that pretty much makes everything it is applied to a bit more bad ass. Do modern pirates have flags anymore? I wonder. I don't think they have ships they are super proud of anymore...

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Bertolucci Giro Chronograph Watches Have A Freaky Face Watch Releases Bertolucci Giro Chronograph Watches Have A Freaky Face Watch Releases

Frederique Constant Healey Chrono Automatic Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

Tom over at TheWatchLounge did a little interview with Laurent recently and it is actually not a bad read. I have to admit that most interviews with watch brand executives are boring and devoid of interesting details. Maybe it is Laurent's cleverness or the fact that he a retailer as opposed to part of a brand, but his comments are worth a look. Check out the interview here.

Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon Watch Hands-On

Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon Watch Hands-On

Daniel Strom "Agonium" Memento Mori, Carpe Diem Watch: Most Expensive Goth Garb Ever? Watch Releases

Tissot has a goal to always be associated with the racing circuit in America. Other brands follow things like Formula One and other types of motor sports that people in the US don't really pay attention to. Tissot has been partnered with NASCAR (click here to read about their Danica Patrick watch), showing that it was quite interested to align itself with racing events that Americans might actually be interested it. In watch world gospel, "to be associated with popular sport, is to enjoy increased sales." In the same spirit, here is the newest version of the Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden watch for 2010. The latest limited edition piece for the star motorcycle racer.

Lastly is the image of J-B Viot's as of then uncompleted Double Pendulum clock. A large piece unique project of his that takes me to an Alice and Wonderland world. Like a mix between and old style mirror and armoire, the large clock is an incredible feat of hand-made engineering and craftsmanship. I look forward to seeing a J-B Viot a Paris watch myself eventually. Until then it is (almost) good enough to have pictures. Price for the watch is apparently 26,000 euros.

Most mainstream of the three is the Swatch "To the Top" watch, that is 41mm wide in plastic (these are Swatches, they are most all in plastic). It has a legible dial with snowy winter games colors and Olympics imagery. Inside is a Swiss quartz chronograph movement with a 10 hour chronograph. The strap is multicolored silicon that is comfy and looks pretty neat. The colorful timepiece helps get you in the mood for sporting events and is affordable enough so that it isn't something you need to worry much about getting dirty after roughing around with it. Price for the To the Top watch is 0.

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Tiffany & Co. Watches Do Not Shine In 2010 Watch Releases

Then again, if you are guy who likes the watch, I can't tell you to abstain from getting it. It is a perfectly interesting piece for a man who likes.. a little pink in his life. "Salmon" color shirt anyone? The right man could conceivably pull this watch off - though I'm not advocating that the Rock Candy The Beast watch be part of any dude's specific summer wardrobe. The brazen lady is probably the best contender to pull of thus punchy timepiece - and for her, this is a very unique and cool piece. Inside the watch is a Japanese quartz movement. Price for the Rock Candy The Beast watch is about 0. Not a horrible price for a unique-looking limited edition watch that actually does do fringe fashion well - though on the expensive side if you are just looking for some fun. Not everyone will love the piece, but the right people will immediately connect with the design. I wouldn't have reviewed it if I didn't think it would garner positive attention on the right wrists.

Perrelet Diamond Flower Prestige Edition Ladies Watches

Perrelet Diamond Flower Prestige Edition Ladies Watches

Chanel is being tight lipped about the movement. Likely and ETA 2892, or equivalent. These days they likely have someone else supplying movements. It is a standard high-quality Swiss three-hand with date automatic. There is an interesting engraving on the rear of the case, that is perhaps too simple than it should be (some wavy lines). Matches to the watch is a cool rubber bracelet. Chanel opted for the highest quality rubber, but it is still flexible. It has vented holes in it to let water in and out. Good for wearing on very humid days actually. Price is going to be in the ,000 range if memory serves me correctly. These watches are important because it shows that dive watches are still the hottest pieces around, and that demand for fashion brands such as Chanel is very high. In fact, these tough economic times seem to indicate that it is fashion brands like Chanel that still have relatively high demand in watches due to the lasting popularity of the brand name.

Listen to the HourTime Show watch podcast episode 22 here.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Rose Gold and All Black Titanium DLC Watches Hands-On

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Rose Gold and All Black Titanium DLC Watches Hands-On

Power reserve indicator.

Porsche Design P'6910 Indicator Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Comparing the watch releases of SIHH 2010 and Baselworld 2010, I would have to say that for the most part I was more impressed with the releases at SIHH, and it was a significantly smaller show. Why that is I am not sure, but here is another one of the good things that I spotted. This isn't just another Panerai watch, but rather the PAM339 in a special ceramic case. While it doesn't surprise me to see Panerai going ceramic, it just sort of happened without notice.