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There is a lot to look forward to as well. Customer service people who actually know what you are talking about. Watches that can be tracked in various supply or shipment chains as well as imbued with special information (as you know the amount of info that you can place on a watch is limited). The information in the RFID tags can even be updated. Such as when a watch has been serviced, etc... A potential barrier to seeing these watches in too many places is the high cost of materials. Winwatch is a business and as such may charge too much which will be a problem now as watch companies are looking to reduce costs. Look out for more details soon. Hopefully watches with built in RFID tags will be available within a year's time.

Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch Giveaway

Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch Giveaway

See Pierre DeRoche watches on eBay here.

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Winners Of The Starmus Festival Received Gold Omega Speedmaster

Trigalight tritium gas tubes are used on various places on the dial. Including for each hour marker and on the hands themselves. All the gas tubes are in the white color while the 12 o'clock indicator is in orange. Most of you are familiar with tritium gas tubes, but for those of you who are not, they are small tubes filled with lightly radioactive gas (no worries, that won't harm you one little bit) that glow by themselves nicely for about 25 years. This means that you never need to charge them in light, and they glow clearly in the dark. Tritium gas tubes are probably the best type of luminant out there and I highly recommend watches that use them for those who enjoy or need low light and no light watch dial reading. The most popular so far in the collection has been the Aviator Bucker Bestmann. This watch has a retro cream dial and an automatic three-hand ETA 2824-2 movement. The watch dial is no nonsense function, just like the place it was modeled after. I like the large file textured crown and the large size as some of the existing Traser watches have been small by today's tastes. You get a really classic aviator look with a hardy Swiss movement (visible through an exhibition caseback). On both bracelets is looks nice. I have included only a picture of the Aviator Bestmann on the bracelet, but it is the same bracelet for all the watches. Oh, and the automatic Aviator Bestmann model comes in a limited edition of just 200 watches. They may be sold out already! Price is about 0.

I want to know what is going on in 2012 that is so important to Fortis. Is it the estimated year for us to start a mission to Mars? Maybe that is it. I know Fortis has a few watches it would like to go there. A few of the new cool Fortis limited edition watches to be announced are limited to 2012 pieces. For example the (freakin' awesome) Fortis Cargo Spaceleader watch. Well another "2012" watch to be released is this phantom version of the B-42. I grabbed a glimpse of it on the WatchTime website. Surly, but experienced Mr. Disher over there wrote about it. He doesn't like me very much, but I'll thank him anyway.

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IWC Portugieser Replica Watch Hands-On

Diamonds for diamonds sake? Maybe not. Don't overlook the importance of ludicrously gilded timepieces in the haute joaillerie watch category. While such timepieces might wreak of excess, they are often times as complex, or more complex than the mechanical creations we so love. The process of choosing and cutting diamonds (not to mention setting them) is in credibly time consuming. All that in a white gold case with a automatic tourbillon mechanical movement - and you might just start saving up gold bars for this over .3 million impulse buy.

So it was that the first version of the Ocean Diver was not in compliance with the simple need for a high quality product. Sure it was salable, but it was not what Prometheus desired. The difficult decision was made to rewind the clock so to say and start almost fresh. A new series of suppliers and contractors was obtained so that Prometheus could fulfill its promise to those eagerly anticipating the final result. That being an affordable "Swiss Made" watch with a design that fans competed for. Delays plentiful, the limited edition Ocean Diver received its wink from grace, and is now available.

And I personally am excited to see what Dior Horlogerie designs next. www.diorhorlogerie.com

Louis Vuitton Tambour Mystérieuse Watch

Louis Vuitton Tambour Mystérieuse Watch

Vintage Speedmaster Mark II Buyer's Advice

My Gerald Genta Gefica Blue Note Watch Article On AskMen.com Watch Releases

The watch is available as part of a limited edition only; 300 total pieces with 100 pieces in each style. You can preorder the watch for a handsome discount as the watch is due for arrival in about November/December 2009. The base price is between about 0 - 0, but you can get 25% off plus other perks for pre ordering. You'll a volume discount for more watches (another 5% off for two watches, and then you'll get free shipping if you get three). Praesto will also throw in a T-shirt. Not that you really want the T-shirt, but how often do you refuse a T-shirt?

Cheap IWC Schaffhausen Replica new Portuguese Hand-winding watch power reserve

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Union Glashutte Noramis Watch: Poor Man’s Chopard L.U.C Slim

Union Glashutte Noramis Watch: Poor Man’s Chopard L.U.C Slim

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A lot went in to the durability of the watch. The case is 1000 meters water resistant, has shock protection, and is antimagnetic. The case also has a built-in helium escape valve. The sapphire crystal is domed a bit and 3mm thick. You have an overall very capable design, plus some unique little cues. Take for example the special caseback screw - shaped like the Kazimon logo, the tool shaped like a propeller fits into the back of the watch if you need to remove the case back and access the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement.

This is a true piece of art.

Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 from 1971

Star Wars Watches By Marc Ecko Sneak Preview Watch Releases

My top choice is the Terranaut I, which is the chronograph version with a Valjoux 7750 movement inside. The chronograph subdials are extra large and easy to read, which the subsidiary seconds dial being a cool looking rotating triangle. Neat huh? I think that Muhle Glashutte took some design hints from fellow German watch maker Sinn when designing the chronograph, but maybe it was all their idea. The watches each have a distinct aviator look to them, which again makes me confused why they are called "Terranaut," but again I will forgive that as they are so nice looking. the Terranaut I watch comes with either a black, silver, or military olive green dial. Each with contrasting chronograph subdials. One thing that is a good touch is the matching day and date discs that match the color of the dial. I always appreciate seeing that. The three color dials with the red hands make for bold but unpretentious looks that are handsome and easy to appreciate it. Each has a timeless charm to it along with an ambiguous sense of utilitarian purpose that most guys will enjoy. Against the brushed steel case and black leather strap with contrast stitching you are looking at a uncharacteristically character-rich German watch.

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