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Casio showed us not only the analog, but an analog-digital model of the Gravity Defier series. Beyond the ways of showing time, there are some other important differences.

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Running at 4Hz (28,800 bph), the new movement is thoroughly modern, as well as very attractive to look at. No doubt it is visible through a sapphire caseback window on the rear of the watch. Girard-Perregaux has chosen its popular 1966 watch collection to debut the new movement. To compare, you can see a previous aBlogtoWatch review of the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Chronograph 42mm watch. As you will see, this new version of the 1966 Chronograph sports a fresh dial design, and of course the new movement. Girard-Perregaux may have missed an opportunity though as the two movements are functionally the same, making it difficult for all but the most dedicated of collectors to understand the difference. Though there is an important technical difference (that will not be apparent to most people who aren't movement junkies like us). The new movements include a Girard-Perregaux Microvar balance wheel design. These are a new form of free-spring variable inertia balance wheels that when regulated properly are said to result in very high accuracy performance ratings.

“If you work on a crazy watch with MB&F or Harry Winston it’s a different outcome at the end, in what people like, but simplicity is difficult to design, and difficult for others to understand.

You will note, looking at the movement, that it consists of many little bridges, all mounted in a way that provides glimpses into the mechanism. There is something quite organic and luxurious about these bridges in the way that they are arranged, and I am told that this will be a signature look of all Gronefeld watches in the future. The finishing process for so many bridges is obviously more time-consuming, but for the view, it is definitely worth it... (more »)

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends June 21st

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends June 21st

Chanel Premiere: Possibly The Best Ladies Watch Of 2013 Hands-On

What I Learned Building A Watch With aBlogtoWatch At Frederique Constant

What I Learned Building A Watch With aBlogtoWatch At Frederique Constant

Richard Mille Thrustograph Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases

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A group shot with the MB&F HM5 and its "inspiritors" show its relative size and case complexity. The watch looks a bit larger than it is, but it isn't a small timepiece. The case is 51.5mm tall and 49mm wide. It is also 22.5mm thick. But it wears more svelte on the wrist I found. This is likely because of the case's wedge shape. It is also quite comfortable even though it has a tendency to be visually a bit lopsided given the mass toward the dial. The case is rather light actually because it is mostly made from titanium-like zirconium. The inner case which houses the movement is in steel. The crown is large and great to operate, and I really like that MB&F made sure the movement was able to make the time adjust back and forward (not just in one direction which can be common with movements like this).

The good looking case feels modern given the material. As I said in the video part of this article, I think Jaeger-LeCoultre hit on a real sweet spot between old and new in this timepiece. As a diver, you also have a rotating bezel as well as a nice looking textile strap. The dial is nicely legible, and offers that sort of attractive minimalist design you see in some of the more popular retro-style dials. Little touches add all the class you expect from JLC such as recessed chronograph subdials, applied hour markers, and a nice texture to the face.

Amid this backdrop of change within the industry, it was the announcement of the Calibre 39 by Eterna that changed everything. We wrote about the Calibre 39 (which you can read about here) and you may have known that this is the result of a project that Eterna started in 2007 to create a brand new movement.

It seems these days, that in order to get truly noticed in this crowded watch market, the watch companies have taken the complication pact to “boldly go where no one has gone before.”

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Baselworld 2013: Casio PRO TREK PRW-3000 - New Sensor In Smaller Case Watch Releases

Grieb & Benzinger themselves personally shared with me that they never thought they would make a watch quite like this. Called the Area 51, this absolute unique timepiece borne of hand-decoration and fantastic German artistic skills is about space aliens. Oh, and we'd like to have a little "caption contest" with readers, just read more below... Don't forget that the client personally needed to OK the brand sharing details about the watch. Any brand that produces custom watches for special customers don't share the designs by default. In fact some of biggest Swiss watchmakers have impressive bespoke services producing amazing watches that you will never see. We've seen some... and I have to say some of the world's most high-end unique timepieces are either awe-inspiring, or just plain hilarious.

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The Sinn T1 and T2 Titanium Dive Watches Hands-On

There is something that watch maker Tag Heuer has which trumps most of its competitors. That thing is the person Mr. Jack Heuer. I sat down with Jack Heuer back in March to discuss his legacy and the debut of the Carrera Jack Heuer 80 Limited Edition watch. The timepiece was released in honor of Jack's 80th birthday as well as his more or less retirement from actively consulting with the brand. Though I have a feeling watch and Tag lovers will spot him around. So what is so special about Jack?

HYT H2 Watch Hands-On: Liquid Cool Wrist Engine Hands-On

You've probably noticed a few changes around here. Welcome to a redesigned and renamed, which will from here on out be known as "" I'd like to tell you a bit about some of the new features, and what we feel is a great new way to enjoy your favorite watch website.

You are looking at what I believe is the very first Greubel Forsey timepiece released without a tourbillon. For a brand so focused on producing timepieces with multiple tourbillons, and tourbillons within tourbillons, it oddly shocked me to see a Greubel Forsey timepiece lacking what I felt was their iconic complication. Alas, there is still two of something. The new Double Balancier 35 degrees watch has two diagonally inclined balance wheels right on the dial.

When Rolex first released the Rolex Milgauss reference 116400GV anniversary model, it was in some short supply which resulted in various speculations and price hikes.  However, nowadays you can find it in most authorized dealers, though its price keeps creeping up with Rolex's yearly price changes, indicating perhaps some level of sales success.  The reference 116400GV model retails for ,200 while the white dial and black dial models go for slightly less: ,650.  The primary difference, besides the different dial schemes is that the GV is the only one with the green crystal, the others have the regular transparent sapphire crystal.  It's also the only Rolex with a non-transparent sapphire crystal.

Other very handy features include the multi city (GMT?) function which tells you the time in major global cities, and the alarm feature which allows the user to set anywhere up to five daily alarms. Lastly, when listing the benefits of Casio watches, one cannot leave out the solar charging ability. This is the one watch in my stable where I know that if I were to leave it somewhere it can get sunlight, I will not have to worry about it ever stopping. If I had to point out one quibble in functionality, it would be that there seems to be no AR on the hardened mineral glass, which does cause some glare at times. This seems to be worse in pictures than in the flesh however and doesn’t cause anything more than a slight inconvenience as you would have to tilt your wrist to find another viewing angle.

For my contest entry, I had submitted that one could use this watch for extreme activities (such as cliff diving) as well as for more mundane activities (light swimming), where one would not necessarily require a watch, but could benefit from having one. Unfortunately, while I am slated to cliff dive this year, it will not be until late May, and my current city of Chicago is a bit cold yet for outdoor swimming. However, I did have the opportunity to take it out for an extended hike. This watch is perfectly suited for this type of activity. With the compass, altitude and temperature sensors, the Casio Pro Trek accurately relayed the pertinent information to me, of which I could check with the information posted at various locations on the trail. If I were to get lost in the wilderness, I would be able to use this watch and a map to accurately locate my position to find help. The one sensor that I couldn’t test with the information I had was the barometer, as I had no other metric to compare the data to, however from what the other sensors detected, I suspect that it is fairly accurate. If I were planning on doing any extreme activities, I would think that the watch would excel where few would.

Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 Annual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Having already run seven auctions as of the date of my interview with Tobey, many interesting pieces have passed through his hands. Some of the highlights of past auctions are:

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