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Taking out the tourbillon offers much more versatility to a Roger Dubuis skeleton movement. Sure you can impress friends and colleagues with a Roger Dubuis double tourbillon skeleton watch – but that isn’t how most people roll. While avant garde and showy, the Roger Dubuis 42 Excalibur Automatic Skeleton is far more practical than most of what Roger Dubuis has offered until now if you want that great signature look of their skeletonized movements. Practically, really isn’t something to be scoffed at in the world of luxury watches, because comfort and mechanical reliability are two concepts seasoned watch lovers keen to measure when making new purchases.

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Despite its substantial size and considerable weight, the Florijn Drie felt comfortable on the wrist with any of the three included straps installed. Overall, with its comfort, good legibility, and quality-looking and -feeling case, we can say that the Florijn Drie is a very impressive achievement for a brand that has just entered the market. The bezel and the brightness of the lume need some adjustment and additional attention, but once that has been done there really is nothing objectionable left with the Drie in terms of quality. Some design decisions, like the fully marked bezel or the cyclops may not be for some, but they do make the watch look a bit more unusual and help it stay away from looking bland, boring and off-the-shelf.

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If you prefer your straps to be a single tone, but still want some flash to what is on your wrist, then the Da Luca Straps Timbuctoo (5may be more to your liking. This has a sort of a leafy tattoo pattern embossed on to the leather. As the strap remains a single color, this allows the pattern to be a bit more subtle, unless the light is hitting it at an angle.

Moving down to the MB&F Melchior's torso, you see discs used to indicate the minutes and hours. This is where you'll be primarily looking if you are interesting in using the MB&F Melchior to read the time. Look further down to the robot's pelvic region, and you'll see a power reserve indicator. The L’Epée-produced mechanical movement has a total power reserve of 40 days - which is a nice long time, so it is good that the clock comes with an attached winding key.

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The Apple Watch Edition also comes with a special box that doubles as a charging station. There are two colors of the box which are blue and a soft, light gray. The boxes are meant to be used as a way to protect your Apple Watch Edition while charging it, or perhaps while traveling as well. There is a Lightning cord port in the back of the box. Apple also includes the standard magnetic charging dock and cable with the Apple Watch Edition - so it basically comes with two charging options, while other Apple Watch models only come with the one charger.

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If you try to measure the “point” of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon in, say, relation to a dive-style tool watch, it is like trying to compare a sturdy log cabin with a grand villa on the ocean front. Yes, both are technically structures, and the first one might make a lot more sense, but the latter is about social positioning, and the ability to reward oneself. You see, no matter how rich you are, there are going to be things out there you need to save up for to afford.

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A lesser company, if charged with producing something like the Grandmaster Chime, would have likely ended up with a dial extremely difficult to read. The main dial with the moon phase indicator on the 5175 actually has a lot of various windows, sub-dials, and indicators. Patek Philippe cleverly designed them to all work together while also preserving a lot of clarity and relative simplicity to the dial. Sadly, this talent is often overlooked by collectors because they really boil down to the whole "less is more" thing. Just be aware that making all the information readable and logical on the various dials of the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175 was due to great effort by Patek Philippe.

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At 45mm wide, the Eterna Super KonTiki case design is that typical diver's tonneau-style shape that just continues to both look good and wear comfortably. The large rotating diver's bezel is a key element of the look that works nicely here. You'll notice that Eterna is offering a new dial design for the Eterna Super KonTiki that I think most people will learn to enjoy. I am on the fence in regard to the hands which appear rather simplistic in nature, but I am willing to give them a chance, and make a final determination after seeing the watch hands on. I actually like that on some dials, the tan colored hour markers are contrasted with the white hands, leading to some welcome legibility. What do you think about the "phantom with gold color" black-cased Eterna Super KonTiki models?

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ABTW: It's always great to hear about someone obtaining their grail (and, in your case, almost re-obtaining an earlier grail). Since you now have your grail, is there another watch you are on the search for?

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Looking at the larger picture once again, the Breguet Classique Complications 3795 and 3797 are two greatly different – and yet oh-so-similar – watches. Both of them bear some of the trademark details which render Breguet what it is today – one of the most successful and legitimate "resurrected" high-end brands available today. The watches display traditional – or rather: original – Breguet design elements like the indices and hands, but are not afraid to use today's movement design and manufacturing know-how to bring the brand to 21st century levels. Large, somewhat shouty Breguet engraving aside, both prove that a combination of no-news – albeit stunning – complications have every right to exist in a time when more brands than ever before are busy (re-)inventing ever newer and bolder mechanical features in the luxury watch segment.

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● Dynamic Visualizations: Olio’s interface maps the busiest parts your day, making personal bandwidth glanceable, while simultaneously creating a dynamic watchface that is unique you.

Today is the day Apple will start shipping its Apple Watch. Thus far, the watch has been warmly received with most reviewers saying that its the best watch of its class – albeit, also mentioning that it needs further refinement (Ed. Note: Don't miss today's review article on the first day of wearing the Apple Watch). However, if you are in the market for the solid gold Apple Watch Edition models, functionality is probably not your biggest concern. With that in mind, we checked out the Apple Watch Edition, and just below, you'll find all you need to know about it.

Olio calls this latter service "Olio Assist," and it is a learning system based in the cloud that the watch and your phone interacts with on a constant basis. How might this system work? Jacobs presents an example to me that someone wearing an Olio might be traveling and at a meeting only to have the weather change and it start to rain. The system would take into consideration the local weather data and your current position away from normal transportation and ask "would you like for me to order you an Uber?" Thus, the learning engine would learn that you use Uber and that you probably don't want to walk in the rain, thus proactively prompting a suggestion that it order an Uber car - and then actually doing so.

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This goes along with what I have predicted are a series of "wow" moments that consumers will experience in various ways as they understand how a smartwatch can have a valued place in their already technologically crowded lives. The question MMT is trying to answer is how the traditional watch industry will react to timepieces no longer being about only tradition, luxury, and style, but also (once again), functionality.

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From a design perspective the 1945 timepiece referred to above was the major inspiration behind the vintage-style dial which you'll find on all of the Tiffany & Co. CT60 watches. For this 2015 launch Tiffany is also releasing the quirky East West watch that we will cover in a different article. Beyond there there will of course be more new watches as it appears Tiffany & Co. is once again quite serious about being a player in the watch world.

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