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Inside the Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA watch is a Swiss mechanical automatic caliber RJ001-CH movement. It is a base Concepto and offers the time and 12 hour chronograph. Not the easiest chronograph in the world to use given that you need to count the markers on the subdials to read how long you've timed. An acceptable sacrifice given the design. I actually wondered why Romain Jerome didn't use more inspiration from the DMC-12's actual instrument cluster. Actually it seems that the car's instrument cluster is rather utilitarian and looks to be inspired by an aircraft cockpit - there's already enough watches that use cockpit gauges as inspiration.

Episode 100 - we finally made. Not that we are stopping here, but we'd like to remind you that we have been spending over 2 years talking watches with you. In this episode we discuss the Omega Speedmaster Racing, Breguet's Classique Chronometrie 7727 watch, Linde Werdelin's Oktopus II, and the availability of the HourTime iPhone app.

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On the wrist the Anchar feels good. The crown is placed at 2 o'clock to keep out of your hand and you'll notice the torx style screws in the lugs, and a mimic of that look in the crown - which was an interesting design touch. This model has a silicone strap, but leather strap versions are available as well. Overall comfort is high if you are OK with the size of the watch. There are actually a few models in PVD black cases which might make the size signature feel smaller.

If you were a fan of the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver (as I am/was), then you better start making nice with the Pulsion collection as it is intended to replace it. Not right away, but over the next few years as the Easy Diver will be phased out for now. My sincere hope is that with its fantasy experimental design and good looking in-house movements, enough people will be attracted to this wonderfully non-ordinary Pulsion package.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watches Hands-On

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watches Hands-On

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Engineering ceramics are extremely hard. They are the hardest class of materials known. So scratching a ceramic watch would not be much of a concern. They are usually more than three or four times harder than stainless steel. The high-tech coatings on watches are essentially ceramics. Actually tools made of ceramics are being used to cut metals in mills or lathes. When used properly, they have much longer lives than conventional tools. Related to their hardness, they are good in terms of wear resistance, which is the loss of materials that are in moving contact for long periods of time. This is why rubies are used as bearings in watch movements (21 jewels anyone?). They maintain a smooth surface and low friction for a long time. Thus, thanks to ceramics, mechanical watches can run for years. And their usage on watch cases ensure far less scratches on our beloved timepieces. Hublot has recently developed a ceramic/gold composite, which will hopefully make gold much harder.

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Overall, the Santos 100 makes for a stylish daily watch that can easily be worn at the club or in a business meeting. My only quibble with the Santos 100 is its relatively high-price, ,400 for the large version (shown here) and ,250 for the smaller (W2020007). This is especially true when you consider that Cartier uses their caliber 49 movement for this watch, which is a modified ETA 2892.

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The watch dial is very handsome. I like the raised hour markers and hands in green. The watch is certainly bold, but not "in your face". It is a good mixture of minimal and sporty. This designer look is going to appeal to a lot of people as it prevents the watch from being cheesy or boring. Dietrich also knows how to use just enough green without going overboard.

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The Grande Seconde SW case is a complex mishmash of design elements that do end up working well together in relative harmony. The design grows on you because it of balance and attention to detail. Though alone, elements of the watch can appear highly industrial and seemingly out of place. Skeletonized bezel claws on a Jaquet Droz? Not something I would have predicted to work, but they do. On the wrist you get an experiment in design, that doesn't fail to be comfortable or attractive. The SW is masculine, but extremely European in its graceful composure. It is artistic, while suggesting a sport theme. I guess that is the best way of describing it.

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A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Up/Down Watch Hands-On

A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Up/Down Watch Hands-On

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The 756 is one of those watches that ticks every "sport watch" box but still manages to cost less than you might guess. The base Sinn 756 on a leather strap can be had for 00 USD. This new hunting version will be limited to 100 units  and is being sold directly through a specialized website (found here, in German) for € 1,990.00 (70 USD). For a limited edition with a lovely green dial and two strap options, an increase of only 0 USD is quite reasonable. I think they should have given it a better name like "The Hunter", or the "Sinn 756 Hunter". Regardless of the name, the Sinn Paul Parey Hunting Watch is a cool and attractive limited edition variant to the standard Sinn 756.

First you have the fluted bezel. You can't be a watch person and deny that this element is borrowed from Rolex. The tips of the fluted spikes aren't quite as sharp as those on a Rolex, but the effect is there. Then there is the dial which is not exactly a direct copy, but is heavily inspired by the look of the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona watches. Rolex is among the brands the helped perfect the high-contrast chronograph watch dial - and still have them looking sexy. These Marvin Malton Cushion Chronograph models follow suit, and how about that little inner ring of red? Solid detail if you ask me.

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OMEGA Speedmaster Pro Racing

The strap change system works really well. There is a pusher on the lugs that you press to release the strap. It clicks out and then clicks back in again. This system allows wearers to interchange Hublot straps which is likely to be a new and lucrative business for Hublot - as its watch owners can personally swap out straps as they like.

Standing in the narrow passage that is the inner-office of Central Watch, Kivel points out some of the machines and instruments used regularly by himself and the other watch makers. Modern and old equipment clutter the already cramped space. It is amazing what they are able to accomplish in the shop. In a sense, it is almost allegorically appropriate, as watch making itself is about doing a lot in a small space.

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Linde Werdelin is a brand with a very focused energy. Their watches are technical, masculine, and all exhibit their unique perspective on modern watch design. Few of their watches better express their brand DNA than the very cool SpidoSpeed Chronograph, which was launched at BaselWorld in 2011. The SpidoSpeed represented the combination of both the SpidoLite case design and the LW03, an exclusive automatic chronograph movement made by the Swiss manufacturer Concepto. Linde Werdelin has now announced the newest member of the SpidoSpeed family, aptly named the SpidoSpeed Gold.

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