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HK:  A Patek Calatrava Ref. 3919.  I saw a black and white ad in a German newspaper when I was 14 years old and it made me fall in love with watches as beautifully valuable objects.

Mark E. from Athens, GA asks:

In the most recent events, Frederique Constant watches has been the official timekeeper, and in the spirit of the event has released a series of watches called the Vintage Rally.

Inside this healing material on the Jupiter is a Miyota quartz movement. Some say it is nothing special. I say, it's a dependable functionality and for something like a WeWood, it seems style is more important than utility.

Concord, a brand known for their eccentric designs, seems to have made an odd choice with this new C1. This reserved design is almost an autopilot move for a brand that brought us watches like the insane C1 Quantum Gravity, the very cool C1 BlackSpider LE, or even the previous generation C1 chronographs with their more boisterous and outgoing appeal. Like Lamborghini's cars and supersonic spy planes, some things are supposed to be crazy looking, it's a big part of what makes them cool. Here's hoping that this new C1 design is not indicative of a new direction for the entire C1 line, we like our Concord to be a bit less reserved, a bit more wild.

Azimuth Bombardier VI Watch Winner Announced Giveaways

ArtyA Son Of Sound Guitar Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon Secret Watch Hands-On Hands-On

I cannot get my head or heart around U-Boat. Looks too much like a Diesel watch that can be had for 0. Or maybe Diesel looks like U-Boat... Now, I love and wear Diesel jeans, belts, and even sneakers but would not be caught dead with their watches---unless I was being paid to model 😉

Casio has been busy updating some of their most popular lines and we are seeing that work come to fruition when looking at all their Baselworld 2013 releases. Welcome in the great-looking Edifice EQW-A1200 timepiece family. Not only are the G-Shocks (the 30th Anniversary limited edition and the Gravity Defier pieces) getting new editions, so too, are the Pro Trek watches we've covered and the Edifice. Casio announces the release of four new Edifice EQW-A1200 models. They come in different colors, are loaded with functions and are built to resist vibrations. Flagship models, they have all the bells-and-whistles packed the Edifice-way.

You see, when Carl F. Bucherer began, it wanted to be a modern Swiss watch brand from a design perspective. Most of the early models as well as the design of their in-house made CFB A1000 movement is very edgy and modern. The A1000's bridges and plate are more inspired by technology than traditional timepieces. They didn't want to mention their ties to the retailer Bucherer for a range of logical reasons. For a period of time the name of the brand was probably just going to be "Bucherer." Anyhow, they aren't going to abandon their more modern collections, but a few years ago they decided to "go classic" based on market pressures.

When I asked Roger about his relationship with George Daniels, he described it as a guarded one. It was not to say that they were not close but there was always a distance between them that was, I suppose, governed by the serious nature of the work they were doing together. George Daniels came across to me, as the epitome of individual will personified. The watch-making principles he espoused were so thoroughly ingrained through a lifetime of achievement that it was only natural that this strength of will was absorbed by Roger so thoroughly as well.

Baselworld 2013: The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Watch Hands-On Hands-On

It wasn't difficult to predict that Cartier would build upon the Calibre watch with new models and features over the years. In fact, the Calibre case is used in many of their much higher-end pieces as well. Though those models are distinct from the basic Calibre models because they target vastly different price demographics. This Cartier Calibre Chronograph is the second version of the "mainstream luxury" Calibre watch collection. The case design is unchanged from the original save for the addition of the chronograph pushers.

Source: aBlogtoWatch (Part 1), aBlogtoWatch (Part 2) 

The movement is viewable via a sapphire display case back and is controlled via a screw-down crown at three on the case side. The crown is large enough to be easily grasped and is nicely finished with the Bremont logo in a glossy black cap that matches the black middle section of the case. The inclusion of a screw down crown is very nice as many pilot style watches like the Solo would be fitted with a passive crown. No doubt thanks to the screw down crown, the Solo boasts 100m (330 ft) worth of water resistance.

I think the Bathyscaphe looks amazing, the sizing is excellent and both the steel and titanium versions are comfortable on wrist. If you have to choose between the NATO and the sailcloth straps, I prefer the sailcloth, as I found it both more comfortable and a bit lower profile. The other great aspect of the Bathyscaphe is just how distinctive it looks compared to the rest of its Fifty Fathoms siblings. Blancpain has selected a design that will attract not only new buyers but also current Fifty Fathoms owners, as the piece features a look that is quite unique to the range.

It is decorated with different guilloché patterns: Clous de Paris in the center, sunburst for the date and two tracks on both sides of the minute markers. The patterns do look fantastic in person and while I am certain they are not hand-made guilloché, there still is considerable depth to the texture. At this price point - or even at much higher ones - the dial's quality is extremely good. The hour markers are printed on - a bit of a shame because, from my point of view, this watch would have been absolutely perfect with applied hour markers. Scarcely it springs to my mind looking at the dial just how fantastic it would have been to boost the guilloché pattern with the applied indexes - I am sure though, that the price would have been affected by such enhancements. Legibility is good, reading the time with to-the-minute accuracy is easy apart from the 27-33 section where the date sub dial covers the minute-track. The oxidized, hand-polished black Breguet hands are well-proportioned and make the traditional atmosphere complete. There is no lume anywhere on this watch and hence it is not legible at night.

A former Patek Philippe watch maker as I recall, Laurent Ferrier set up shop making his own watches a few years ago under his own name. His first watch was the rather impressive (and award winning) Galet Classic Double Balance Spring Tourbillon. It won him a prize at the GPHG 2010. Following the Tourbillon, he began to develop and eventually produce an automatic, and a while ago I took some hands on images of it. While Laurent Ferrier watches aren't for everyone, in my opinion they are among the finest "classic" timepieces available with marvelously meticulous designs that don't compromise and very attractive in-house made movements. If you want a conservative watch from an independent watch maker, something from Laurent Ferrier just might be for you.

I've been following aBlogtoWatch (formerly aBlogtoRead) for many years now, lapping up sweet images of watches that I could probably never afford, and half the time trying to imagine that hairy arm of Ariel's is mine instead.

Baselworld 2013: New Black & Blue Rolex GMT-Master II And Platinum Rolex Daytona Watch Releases

Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari ,000 Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Another Bluetooth feature included is a phone finder, which is one of my favorites.  Should you lose your phone, you can push and hold the upper and lower right button for approximately 3 seconds.  Even if your phone is on silent in every way, the phone will ring through the app at full volume.  Surprisingly, you do not have to be connected for this feature, you just have to do the initial pair.

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch Release Party At AZ Fine Time Shows & Events
Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Bluetooth Watch AT7030-05E


Top 10 Living Legend Watches To Own ABTW Editors' Lists

9. Cartier Santos

After wearing the Raven 44mm Deep for a couple of weeks, I can report that I rather like it, it is not a clone nor would it pass as a specific Rolex if you changed the name on the dial. The Raven 44mm Deep really is a modern and full sized spin on the MilSub and it offers something that Rolex does not and for a price that is more than competitive. While my stance on Sub clones and homages is at best apathetic, the Raven 44mm Deep does make an intriguing case for a watch that emulates some elements, such as the dial design, while still trying to offer something different in the product as a whole. If, like me, you have trouble wearing a large and rather heavy diver as a day-to-day piece, sit tight as Raven is planning a 42mm iteration of the Deep series seen here.

Mind you, while the box is simple, it is strong, well made and serves the purpose of protecting the watch without any superfluous frills. That to me, was an unmatched delight, and proves the disciplined approach that Nomos has made to its entire product offering.